Mind Body Restoration

Jamie Emerson

Jamie graduated from the University of Washington in 2014, the University of Idaho in 2016, and is certified as an athletic trainer, personal trainer and nutrition coach. She is passionate about balanced health living and weight lifting.

My Experience with the COVID-19 Vaccine

A couple of months ago, we finally received the announcement that healthcare workers were eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. It was a mad rush to get an appointment scheduled before they were all taken, and you had to wait. I did not know where to...


How Stress Affects the Body

There’s a lot of different things in life that can cause one stress. While the body is designed to handle a certain amount of stress, constant stress can put your health at serious risk and lead to complications. This article explores what stress does to...


How Stress Affects the Mind

Stress can weigh heavy on your mind. Your brain can only handle so much of it before you experience problems. Short-term stress comes with short-term effects, but chronic stress can have an adverse effect on the overall health of your mind. Today we’re...


Why Use a Food Log?

A food log is a record of everything you eat and drink during your day. It’s a kind of diary that can help you get a grasp of your eating habits. Given that most people consume more calories than they think they do, keeping a good food log can be...


All About Sleep Hygeine

Insomnia is a common disorder affecting over 60 million people every year in the USA.  It costs billions of dollars yearly in healthcare expenses and tens of billions in lost productivity.  Insomnia is a symptom of many illnesses and a contributes to many...


My Path To Optimal Health

My personal journey towards health and fitness has been a mixture of “can I eat that and still lose weight” and “how can I cheat the system to get to my goals”(I am sure I’m not alone in that). I struggle with the balance of enjoying life (aka fooooood)...


My Experience With Mindfulness While Eating

Today my counselor challenged me to practice mindfulness. For those of you (including me before today) who don’t know, mindfulness is the act of being mentally present, in the moment. It is tailoring your thoughts to what is currently happening to you....

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