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Coffee Enemas 101

Have you heard about the benefits of coffee enemas? Did you know this ancient ayurvedic practice has been around for thousands of years to promote healing and cleansing of the liver, colon, and body? In this blog, we’ll briefly review how coffee enemas work, the benefits, how to do a coffee enema, and why you might want to work with a health practitioner to implement this practice.


How Coffee Enemas Work:

When you do a coffee enema, you are obviously not consuming the coffee like you normally would and instead, you are inserting it from the other end. I know, sounds strange! Hear me out. This ancient ayurvedic practice has helped thousands of people address their chronic health condition to help support and heal their bodies by doing a coffee enema. When you insert a specific type of coffee (100% organic, medium-light roasted coffee) into the colon, the coffee is then taken up by the hemorrhoidal vein, which then leads to the hepatic portal vein, being taken up directly by the liver. When you hold in this coffee solution for 15-20 minutes, the caffeine and palmitic acid in the coffee stimulates the liver and gallbladder to start pushing and releasing congestion, toxins, and other contaminants that are stored in these areas. This sludge and waste gets dumped out of the liver and gallbladder (or gallbladder duct if you have had your gallbladder removed) into the intestines, where it can then be eliminated out of the body when you release the solution.

The Benefits of Coffee Enemas:

The entire blood stream normally filters through your liver every 3-6 minutes. When you hold in the coffee solution for 15-20 minutes, this allows your liver to cleanse and purify your entire blood volume 4-5x’s greater! By doing this, it also significantly increases anti-oxidant activity and cleans up free-radicals or oxidation and inflammation throughout the body. The main benefit of coffee enemas are focused on cleansing the liver and improving liver function. This is extremely important in today’s world with our high toxins exposure and the quantities of sugar, processed foods, and alcohol we consume. Our liver also takes a beating when we are stressed, or emotionally unwell, as it has to process excess stress hormones and metabolic byproducts.

How to do a Coffee Enema:

What you will need:

  • Organic medium-light roast coffee (SA Wilson or Purelife coffee are high-quality brands. Organo King coffee can be used for additional healing benefits from Reishi mushroom spores and for instant coffee option)
  • Stainless steel enema kit or Aussie non-toxic enema bag
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Towel or blanket and pillow for comfort
  • Non-toxic/organic disinfection wipes for clean up
  • BioToxin Binder
  • CT Minerals
  • HydrOxygen

How to prepare:

  1. Brew 3 TBSP of organic caffeinated coffee with 1000ml of distilled or filtered water in a French press coffee maker (or boiling water in a pot)
  2. Allow the coffee to brew for 10 minutes
  3. Press down the French Press and then let the coffee cool to room temperature
  4. Place coffee in fridge or freezer if need to cooler quicker
  5. Pour the 1000ml of coffee into the stainless-steel enema bucket (ensure the sterile tubes are already attached and clamped closed)
  6. Place the bucket on a table or hang above you approximately 3’ above the ground
  7. Over the toilet, release clamp to create a flow through the tub and eliminate any air bubbles, then re-clamp
  8. Insert the small thin part of the tub about 3-6” into your rectum. (Use oil or gel to lubricate the tube)
  9. Lay on right side and slowly unlock the clamp to release solution into your body, stopping as needed while you breathe and hold in (it really isn't bad at all and gets better and easier each time as your body gets trained in this practice) hold for 15-20 minutes
  10. After all the coffee has been emptied from the bucket, turn over onto your right side (do not remove the tube, since it can cause a release of the liquid back out of your body).
  11. Try to hold the coffee in for 12-15 minutes by breathing and relaxing your body. Read a book or listen to music to distract yourself if needed.
  12. Move up to the toilet while holding in solution and release. Do not strain, relax and breathe and rock back and forth to cause natural elimination. Can even stand up and move up and down if you feel you have not fully eliminated.
  13. Empty the rest of the coffee solution from tubing into the toilet and flush.
  14. Rinse yourself with hot soapy water in the shower.
  15. Disassemble the pieces of the enema kit, wash, and lay out to dry.
  16. Wipe down underneath toilet seat with toilet paper and flush then use organic disinfectant wipes or thieves spray and a wipe to clean toilet and surrounding area thoroughly.

Additional Tips for Success:

  1. Make sure bathroom is a clean environment.
  2. Wash your hands and assemble the kit.
  3. Take BioToxin binder 20 minutes before AND 20 minutes after enema.
  4. Add 10 drops CT Minerals and 3 drops HydrOxygen. (To start, you can increase to half-1 dropper full.)
  5. Consume extra water with pink Himalayan Sea salt/electrolytes and minerals to replace any that are lost from the cleansing. Some practitioners recommend 6oz fresh pressed juice as well.
  6. Use a space heater to maintain a warm comfortable environment or use a blanket or towel to cover your legs.
  7. Listen to meditation music and practice positive affirmations, healing thoughts, and breathe.
  8. Keep a folded paper towel next to your knees so when you are done with the enema, you can place the inserted part of the tube on the paper towel.

What to Expect:

It is recommended for most people to do a coffee enema 1-3x per week, however this is specific to the person and their health conditions. For those battling cancer, it is recommended to do daily and even up to multiple times per day. You can expect to feel lighter, less bloating, more energy, and improved mood and mental health. Coffee enemas are a wonderful addition to any detox program as it can also help reduce Herxheimer reactions (“die-off” symptoms). Be cautious if you feel fatigued afterwards, as it can dehydrate you and reduce electrolytes if not properly rehydrated and replenished.

The Importance of a Health Practitioner:

Working with a health practitioner is highly encouraged because you do not want to jump into this practice without cleaning up other areas of your health and lifestyle prior to cleansing and addressing the liver. If you already practice healthy, non-toxic living and eat organic foods, primarily plant-based with high quality wild proteins and don’t suffer from chronic illness then it is most likely okay for you to move forward and try this out for yourself. If you are someone dealing with a chronic illness, fatigue, blood sugar dysregulation, or other health concerns, it is always best to work with a health practitioner before implementing specific cleanses and detoxification programs. Schedule an appointment with our Integrative Health Practitioner to learn more if this is right for you!

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