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New information constantly emerges as our scientific knowledge expands. Healthy Beings is happy to share articles, information directly from scientists, white papers from research journals and other sources to help keep you informed on the most current information. Keep checking back for updates!

How to Improve Your Memory

Memory refers to the neurological processes used keep and recall information and experiences. Our memories shape us and allow us to learn from our experiences and gain value from them, but how does memory work? The processes of storing, retaining, and...


Do I Have Parasites in My Gut?

Parasitic infections in the gut impact both the gut and many other systems in your body. In this post, we will share how to know if you have a parasite, how to treat it, and how to prevent it.  


Why Does My Gut Not Like My New Diet?

Deciding to take better control of your health is fantastic. The significant switch from poor diet choices to better and healthier meals feels great. Unfortunately, some of these positive changes make things worse before they get better. Herxheimer...


5 Gut Tips to Help Your Brain

You most likely have experienced the gut-brain connection without even knowing it. If you have ever felt a strong gut instinct or feeling, or had butterflies in your stomach, then you've experienced this connection. This link between the gut and the brain...


Mold Exposure: 5 Common Symptoms

Mold is something that we often can not see, and it can significantly impact our health. Thankfully, there are tests for mold and mold exposure. This article discusses the common symptoms of mold exposure and what to do if you believe you have mold illness.


No More Seasonal Allergies!

While many people suffer from allergies annually, few understand what is really happening to their body. The symptoms are always the same, and many health professionals currently only offer avoidance to irritants as a viable solution. But what is your body...



Stretching: it’s something you probably do every single day without even thinking about. Whether you’re stretching intentionally, it’s something your body needs in order to stay healthy and minimize the risk of injury. In this article, we discuss the...


How to Prevent Repetitive Use Injuries

Have you ever come home from work with a sore body part, shrugged it off as a hard day, and moved on?  Only to find that later, be it hours or days, you are still suffering from the same pain with no relief?  You may be have a Repetitive Strain Injury and...


How Sitting Impacts Your Health

Our work and entertainment activities have changed over the last decades to be more sedentary. This has unintended consequences, which we are still learning about today. Keep reading to find out what the risks are and how to mitigate them.

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