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Athletic Recovery and Hyperbaric Chambers

What do Lebron James, Michael Phelps, and Tiger Woods all have in common? Other than being some of the greatest athletes of all time, all of these historic individuals also enthusiastically report using hyperbaric chamber therapies to improve and recover from athletic performance. By integrating the most cutting-edge technologies, professional athletes are oftentimes at the forefront of contemporary medicine. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment (or Hbot) is a well-established, effective wound-healing and anti-inflammatory method; a great method for improving and correcting all those pesky exercise-related injuries.   Portrait of a handsome man doing push ups exercise with one hand in fitness gym

A simple, non-invasive treatment option, Hbot uses highly concentrated oxygen levels to streamline health benefits of oxygen in the body. This optimizes oxygen absorption in the damaged tissue to enhance healing and speed up recovery. An approved treatment by the World Anti-Doping Agency, Hbot is a rejuvenating and proactive approach to maintaining physical health, which is one of the many reasons why it has become increasingly popular with athletes. 

Multiple studies and scientific research efforts continue to show how Hbot treatments promise faster results for athletic recovery after injury, as well as preventing risk of re-injury. In a recent experiment conducted during the Nagano Winter Olympics, seven athletes were given an average of two hyperbaric oxygen treatment therapy sessions, each lasting 30-40 minutes. After receiving such treatments, all seven athletes were found to have benefited, with faster recovery rates. 

Many cell and tissue functions depend on oxygen, so by increasing the natural amount of oxygen in the body, it can complete the daily bodily functions, while also directing additional oxygen to areas of need. Additional oxygen in the body, for example, helps reduce swelling and consequent pain. One of the most common injuries experienced by athletes are sprained and strained muscles. When these muscles swell, blood vessels are restricted and prohibit oxygen-carrying cells to go to the site of injury. With necessary oxygen, however, the body can maximize the repair to the damaged tissue. This is the power of Hbot! By directing an influx of 100% oxygen into the body, Hbot supercharges our body’s natural ability to heal and feel all the benefits. 

Not only is hyperbaric oxygen treatment therapy used for injury and recovery, but overall performance as well. An extensive review of the current findings across multiple scientific journals confirms Hbot during exercise also improves muscle endurance. Of course, further research is still needed in regards to Hbot and athletes; however, these results outline the multifaceted benefits of Hbot. 

Here is yet another way to understand this phenomenon. The Olympic Training Center is located at an elevation of more than 6,000 ft above sea level in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This location is intentional and is ideal for training athletes because the higher elevation (and “thinner” atmosphere) forces athletes’ bodies to create more red blood cells. When elite athletes acclimate to high altitude, their body produces more red blood cells to access more oxygen. The higher elevation improves training intensity and effectiveness. Therefore, when they compete at lower elevations, they receive a natural boost of “additional” oxygen and, subsequently, have higher performance levels. This is similar to the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance athletic capacity. When an athlete uses a hyperbaric chamber, their body receives a boost of circulating oxygen, improving performance and recovery. 

Additional reported benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments include increased energy and heightened mental clarity. Hbot has also been used to combat concussion and traumatic brain injury. Joe Namath, retired NFL player, has openly spoken about his use of Hbot to improve conditions in the brain, after suffering from many concussions. After a consistent treatment regimen of at least 120 Hbot sessions, Namath’s SPECT scans indicated normal blood circulation in the brain. 

Rashad Jennings, a New York Giants’ running back, revealed his use of Hbot treatment in an interview, explaining he uses it to “rejuvenate and energize” saying he could “feel the difference” in his performance after Hbot sessions. There are countless pictures, videos, and social media posts of celebrities and athletes using various hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment to improve their mental health and optimize brain function. More oxygen to the brain equals more energy and blood flow to restore and rebuild brain tissue. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an Olympic triathlete or a high school soccer star.  Hbot uses one of the most natural resources, oxygen, to streamline rejuvenation and healing.  Scientifically proven to accelerate and improve athletic injury recovery, reduce recurring injury, improve athletic performance and enhance mental clarity, Hbot can give many athletes the competitive edge they need to perform and feel their best!


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