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New information constantly emerges as our scientific knowledge expands. Healthy Beings is happy to share articles, information directly from scientists, white papers from research journals and other sources to help keep you informed on the most current information. Keep checking back for updates!

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What are antinutrients?

Plant-based foods are rich in nutrients and deliver amazing health benefits for surprisingly few calories. However, “antinutrients” are also found in the same fruits, vegetables, and grains that are so nutritious. This leaves us with a puzzle—what do we do...


Retraining the Brain

The brain is a fabulously complex organ that controls every aspect of who we are and what we do, yet researchers believe we’ve only identified a small part of the brain’s full capabilities. As we continue to expand our knowledge of these abilities, we’re...


How Light Impacts Our Health

Human beings are exquisitely sensitive to light. We rely on it to set our internal clocks, to produce vital chemicals, and to regulate mood and perception. The human brain takes its timing cues from sunlight; the largest part of the brain is allocated to...


Breast Cancer Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Next steps

Breast cancer is a common concern for women across the United States and the world as it occurs in 1 in 8 women in their lifetime. It is the second most deadly cancer for women just after lung cancer.


Effects of Acute and Chronic Dehydration

The human body is over 70-percent water, so it’s not surprising that dehydration can be a serious medical issue. Dehydration results when we use or lose more water than we bring in. Illness can cause dehydration, as can exertion and exposure to heat....


Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to accurately recognize, understand, and manage their emotions and the emotions of other people. Also known as the “emotional quotient” (EQ), emotional intelligence is a vital requirement for good...


6 Breathing Tips to Improve Health

It might surprise you to learn there’s a right way to breathe. After all, it’s such an automatic process, we never give it a second thought. But for many of us, shallow breathing is the way we breathe all the time, and it has a significant and harmful effect...


5 Factors to Successful Drug Rehab

Successful recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol can only be measured moment-to-moment, day by day. There’s never a time when a person can say that they’ve finished recovery. Healthy recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction is a life-long process, in...


Music, Healing, and Your Brain

Music lifts the spirits and stimulates the mind, but the tones that form music are being investigated for their ability to treat disorders like chronic pain and anxiety. It’s not the direct effects of tones on these issues that are being investigated; rather,...

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