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New information constantly emerges as our scientific knowledge expands. Healthy Beings is happy to share articles, information directly from scientists, white papers from research journals and other sources to help keep you informed on the most current information. Keep checking back for updates!

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to accurately recognize, understand, and manage their emotions and the emotions of other people. Also known as the “emotional quotient” (EQ), emotional intelligence is a vital requirement for good...


6 Breathing Tips to Improve Health

It might surprise you to learn there’s a right way to breathe. After all, it’s such an automatic process, we never give it a second thought. But for many of us, shallow breathing is the way we breathe all the time, and it has a significant and harmful...


5 Factors to Successful Drug Rehab

Successful recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol can only be measured moment-to-moment, day by day. There’s never a time when a person can say that they’ve finished recovery.  Healthy recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction is a life-long process,...


Music, Healing, and Your Brain

Music lifts the spirits and stimulates the mind, but the tones that form music are being investigated for their ability to treat disorders like chronic pain and anxiety. It’s not the direct effects of tones on these issues that are being investigated;...


Is Tech Addiction Real?

We all know people who just can’t seem to do without their phones. They always have their noses—and attention—focused on their digital device. We might tell our distracted friends that they’re addicted to their devices, but are they really addicted to...


Why Fermented and Living Foods?

The modern Western diet of highly refined, processed foods, filled with sugar and fat, is causing serious harm to the health of millions of people. These diets result in high levels of inflammation in the digestive tract and throughout the body, and...


Saving Lives with ABCDE Skin Checks

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. About twenty percent of Americans will develop at least one skin cancer by age 70, and the incidence of new cases is increasing. The death rate from melanoma, the most serious kind of skin...


The Science Behind the Danger of Cell Phones

Given how much time we spend with our phones at our ears, it’s reasonable to wonder if there’s any health risk from cell phone electromagnetic fields. Some people fear that cumulative exposure to the energy produced by cell phones might lead to cancer or...


How to Improve Your Memory

Memory refers to the neurological processes used keep and recall information and experiences. Our memories shape us and allow us to learn from our experiences and gain value from them, but how does memory work? The processes of storing, retaining, and...

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