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Kidney Cleanse

cranberry-kidney-cleanseThe kidneys are crucial organs because they have the job of filtering and cleansing your blood. They keep blood composition stable by collecting excess fluid and waste and excrete them out through your urine.  Staying well hydrated for proper kidney function.  When your kidneys are in good shape, they  

  • Prevent the buildup of wastes and extra fluid in the body. 
  • Keep levels of electrolytes stable, such as sodium, potassium and phosphate 
  • Produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones (if you have chronic low vitamin D and have to supplement, tuning up the kidneys is even more important) 
  • Release hormones that make red blood cells and regulate blood pressure. 

One of the ingredients is chorophyll.  It helps in normal blood clotting, wound healing, hormonal balance, detoxification of the body and promotes digestive health. It has healing effects on oxidation and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.   

Make the drink below daily for 7-14 days to give your kidneys the boost they deserve.  

The Recipe: 


  • 1 cup unsweetened organic cranberry juice
  • ¼ cupchlorophyll (World Organics chlorophyll is available on Amazon)
  • ¼ cupraw apple cider vinegar
  • Juice of two freshly squeezed lemons
  • Optional: 3-5 drops ofliquid stevia (we recommend Sweet Leaf brand) 

This is a GREAT go-to at the very first sign of a bladder or urinary tract infection to help you knock it out fast and hopefully avoid antibiotics.

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