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Inspirational Thanksgiving Story

I thought this Thanksgiving would be like any other. Little did I know that a small, spontaneous conversation with a stranger would change me forever.


Why am I so Tired?

Most people experience days when they feel tired. Whether from a lack of sleep, illness, travel, or stress, occasional sleeplessness is normal and usually not an indicator of serious health problems. However, many people can feel tired all the time or...


Is IV Therapy Safe?

IV therapy, also known as infusion therapy, is a relatively safe and effective way to administer hydrating fluids, micronutrients and a variety of supplements into a person’s system easily and rapidly. Infusion therapy isn’t limited to treating the ill....


Mold 101

Everyone has encountered mold, but what exactly is it and should we be worried when the week-old leftovers in the fridge roar back to life, covered in fuzzy, furry mold? The answer is: Yes. Mold is an extremely old form of life that flourishes in nature by...


What Is Meta-Oxy Testing?

The Meta-Oxy Test gives you an instant sneak-peek into your body’s inflammation levels. You can use this information to make changes to your lifestyle and prevent health problems before they arise and cause damage.


The Way You Breathe Matters

It might surprise you to learn that there are multiple ways to breathe and some are better for you than others. After all, it’s such an automatic process, we never give it a second thought. But for many of us, shallow breathing is the way we breathe all the...


What is Pain and What Can You Do About It?

We have all experienced pain, but what have you ever wondered “what is pain?” At its most basic definition, pain is a signal. Pain is your body’s way of communicating with the brain that there is an issue. “Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional feeling...


September is Healthy Aging Month!

September is the month we can take the time to learn new tips and tricks on how to age with grace and health in mind. Below are 6 tips to make you feel and look your youngest.


The Differences Between IV and IM Treatment

In the prevention and treatment of illness and injury, medical professionals are often faced with options that affect the effectiveness of a drug or treatment. There’s a lot to consider, including the unique requirements of the patient’s condition, coupled...

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