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How Stress Affects the Mind

Stress can weigh heavy on your mind and your brain can only handle so much of it before you experience problems. Chronic stress can have an adverse effect on the overall health of your mind. Today we’re talking about some effects that stress, both short-term...


Best Foods for Great Mental Health

There’s no single perfect diet or food that will guarantee great mental health. Everyone has unique and we can all change our diet to support great mental health.


10 Practices for Reducing Anxiety

Everyone gets nervous from time to time; after all, there are many reasons to feel anxiety these days. But brief situational anxiety passes after its cause is gone. For example, going to the dentist might fill your stomach with butterflies, but once your...


Tips to Help Prevent Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is a common cause of death in the United States, with 200,000 new cases every year. Although it usually affects people in the 50s and older, anyone can get colon cancer. Also known as colorectal cancer, the best way to treat it is to prevent it...


Why Use a Food Log?

A food log is a record of everything you eat and drink during your day. It’s a kind of diary that can help you get a grasp of your eating habits. Given that most people consume more calories than they think they do, keeping a good food log can be invaluable...


Foods for Better Sleep

Deep quality sleep is critical for optimal health. Deep sleep is when our body has time to heal, regenerate, and detoxify. Every organ in our body requires this deep restorative sleep to function optimally. When we are deprived of sleep, hormones become...


All About Sleep Hygiene

Insomnia is a common disorder affecting over 60 million people every year in the USA. It costs billions of dollars yearly in healthcare expenses and tens of billions in lost productivity. Insomnia is a symptom of many illnesses and a contributes to many other...


Training Myself to Go to Sleep

We all have busy lives, and I am no exception. In my schedule, I would sometimes only have seven hours available for sleep instead of the recommended eight hours. I do not have time to lie there, waiting to get to sleep. It used to take me 30-45 minutes to...


Kidney Cleanse

The kidneys are crucial organs because they have the job of filtering and cleansing your blood. They keep blood composition stable by collecting excess fluid and waste and excrete them out through your urine. Staying well hydrated for proper kidney function. ...

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