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Why Should I Care About Oxalates?

Our kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, located below the rib cage and on each side of the spine. The kidneys filter and purify over 50 gallons of fluid every day. They remove toxins from the blood, help balance our electrolyte levels, produce hormones that...


Cooking Gluten-Free

Several years ago, my doctor said that I needed to be gluten-free to help resolve some issues I was having. As someone who had at least one serving of bread every day and enjoys baking desserts regularly, this was a tough one to swallow. Knowing what I know...


Fasting Diets

With losing weight, it can be incredibly tempting to find a quick and easy solution. Fasting diets have soared in popularity over recent years, and is often seen as a quick way to lose weight or an easy way to detox. A person’s reason for fasting isn’t always...


Signs of Food Intolerance

Have you ever enjoyed a meal and then seconds later you find yourself gasping for air, dealing with congestion, itching shamelessly, and feeling stumped as to what could be wrong?


My Path To Optimal Health

My personal journey towards health and fitness has been a mixture of “can I eat that and still lose weight” and “how can I cheat the system to get to my goals”(I am sure I’m not alone in that). I struggle with the balance of enjoying life (aka fooooood) and...


Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Although everyone feels sad from time to time, major depressive disorder is a serious, persistent psychological condition that significantly impairs a person’s life in a broad variety of ways. Depression is common in the United States, affecting over 16...


Abdominal Fat, a Serious Health Problem

Far from being just a cosmetic problem, abdominal fat can be a true health threat. It is not just a fat storage depot, abdominal fat is actually known to be a gland. This gland produces hormones that travel throughout the body, raising the risk of diabetes,...


My Experience With Mindfulness While Eating

Today my counselor challenged me to practice mindfulness. For those of you (including me before today) who don’t know, mindfulness is the act of being mentally present, in the moment. It is tailoring your thoughts to what is currently happening to you. What...


How Covid-19 Changed My Exercise Routine

I am one of those people thatcannot stand going to the gym. My brain gets bored doing repetitions of an exercise, so I’ve had to find other ways to keep active. In the process,I have learned how to keep myself motivated to do an exercise or activity. All of...

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