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The NAD+ Magical Molecule

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a fundamental coenzyme found in every cell of your body as it participates in energy metabolism, cell signaling, mitochondrial homeostasis, and in dictating cell survival or death. However, NAD production is age dependent, meaning the older you get, the less NAD is available within the body. IV or IM therapy of NAD provides the opportunity to replenish this magical molecule within the body, boosting wellness in many ways. 

NAD+ Magical MoleculeWhat does NAD do?

NAD is known to have more than 50 vital intracellular functions. Thus, it makes sense that NAD+ supplementation should make a very significant symptom improvement. Here are some of the common uses of NAD: 

  • Repairing Cellular Damage - In order to minimize cellular DNA damage and its consequences, there is a process in the body known as DNA-damage response (DDR). The process detects and repairs any damaged DNA in the body. DDR is highly dependent on NAD. When amounts of NAD are low in the body, the DDR process is impaired, resulting in increased damage to the cellular DNA via mutations or transcrip-tion errors which is correlated with tumorigenesis and cell death. NAD+ therapy helps reduce the risk of cancer and promote cell survival.
  • Brain Health - NAD boosts levels of serotonin within the brain, which is beneficial in combating depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and insomnia as these disease processes are influenced by serotonin deficiencies. NAD+ supplements have also shown benefits in treating and preventing neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or MS. Through supplementation can enhance your memory, improve concentration, improve your ability to focus, enhance brain regeneration, and improve overall neurological function. Having normal levels of NAD within the body is essential to the optimal functioning and survival of cerebral neurons.
  • Managing Immune Response - Studies show that NAD levels in the body determine the extent of how effective the immune response in the body will be during infection. Increased levels of NAD during an infection increase oxidative phosphorylation in macrophages, allowing the macrophages to better neutralize the organism causing the infection.
  • Sleep - The accuracy and effectiveness of the circadian clock is due in part to cellular levels of NAD. Low levels of NAD possibly result in daytime sleepiness, restless sleep, hormonal imbalances, and mood alterations if a deficiency is present.
  • Heart Health - Optimal levels of NAD within the body are essential in maintaining the metabolic activity of the heart and promotion of recovery in the event of a transient ischemic attack or myocardial infraction.
  • Addictions - With an intensive 15-Day program of high-dose NAD+ for individuals suffering from addiction can reduce withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings.

Because NAD is used in so many systems, it can be very beneficial to add it to your current health program. If you are addressing anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic or acute pain, or wanting to improve your athletic performance supplementing with NAD can be helpful. 

NAD Supplementation

You can supplement NAD in a variety of ways. One is orally with the NAD+ Platinum. This is effective for helping to maintain NAD levels, and it is difficult to boost your NAD levels this way as the digestive process limits the amount you can absorb. 

Another way is intravenous (IV) NAD+. This puts the NAD directly into your blood stream so your body has access to 100% of what you are giving it. Intramuscular (IM) is the third way. This also allows your body to absorb 100%. It is recommended to start with IV to ensure your body manages the increase in NAD well before progressing to IM.  

At Healthy Beings we offer a 4-Day NAD+ IV Drip Therapy program designed to provide your body with a loading dose, which takes place over 4 consecutive sessions. This significantly boosts your NAD levels and allows your body to have the amazing benefits described above. 

If you have questions, please feel free to call us or schedule a Discovery Visit to see if NAD is right for you!

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