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What Is Meta-Oxy Testing?

The Meta-Oxy Test gives you an instant sneak-peek into your body’s inflammation levels. You can use this information to make changes to your lifestyle and prevent health problems before they arise and cause damage. 

Meta-Oxy-home-test-for-inflammation-1How Does It Work?

Meta-Oxy Testing determines the malondialdehyde levels in a urine sample. Malondialdehyde are toxic byproducts that  are released into the bloodstream when cell membranes break down and go through an oxidizing process. By testing how much damaged cell membranes are in urine samples, we can tell how much inflammation the body is managing at a cellular level. 

Inflammation often occurs due to the consumption of inflammatory food products, environmental toxicities, chemicals and pesticides, pathogens and infections, and chronic or mild stress. These culprits increase the amount of free radicals, which are unstable electrons attempting to bond with human cells and subsequently damaging them. By doing a Meta-Oxy test you can determine how much inflammation your body is suffering from and take steps to reverse the adverse effects of inflammation.

How is it Better than a Blood Test?

In the past, inflammation levels have only been available to us through testing a blood sample. However, the Meta-Oxy Test allows you to complete the test without a visit to the lab. The test is more accurate than a blood test because it can directly measure the aldehydes that the kidneys have already filtered out of the blood. The Meta-Oxy urine test is 50 times more accurate than a blood test, and results are instantaneous!

Why do Inflammation Levels Matter?

Occasional low-grade inflammation can actually be useful to our bodies, as it is a natural response to protect us from infections and illnesses. However, chronic inflammation can lead to an array of health problems throughout the body. Since inflammation damages the cells walls, it is a root cause of many many illnesses including; cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalances, insulin and weight loss resistance, gut dysbiosis, nutritional deficiencies, and more. Without reducing inflammation, and addressing the root sources that are causing the inflammation, it is impossible to cure subsequent health problems.

Where Can You Have It Done?

Testing is done in the comfort of your home! It is as easy as buying a kit, collecting a sample of urine to perform the test, then assess your results in a matter of minutes. Healthy Beings offers an at home Meta-Oxy Test kit that is easy to use and provides everything you need. The test kit includes two sets of tests so you can perform a pre and post test, which allows you to check how effective you have been with lowering your inflammation levels.  Complete the post test after you have implemented new lifestyle changes and products, such as high quality antioxidants, included in the Meta-Oxy Antioxidant Bundle, which contains three key supporting products: 

  • Super Anti-Oxidant ROX, contains resveratrol and molecular signals shown to build, stabilize, and protect cellular function.
  • Powerful Intra-Cellular Anti-Oxidant EPIC, addresses deeper cellular issues and enhances the cells ability to generate glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase in response to oxidative stress and to act against free radicals.
  • Superior Methylation MORS, supports the methylation process and is critical for nutritional support of intracellular and epigenetic healing.

Supporting your cells with high-quality effective antioxidants and proper methylation is the quickest and easiest first step to promote healing and prevent further damage and dysfunction at the cellular level.
**Results are amplified when supplements are combined with dietary and lifestyle improvements.

What Are You Waiting For?

Meta-Oxy Testing is easy, accessible, and provides you with reliable information that can assist in transforming your health. By determining your inflammation levels and getting a head start on healing your body, you are giving yourself the greatest advantage to a long and thriving life. If you need more guidance and support to effectively reduce your level of inflammation, our Certified Health Coaches are experts in this field and welcome you to schedule an initial consultation to address your needs.

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